Woodburn-Evans Head is a wonderful friendly country course, which offers its share of challenges.


The tree lined fairways require good club selection from the tees to the greens. With some interesting contours and roll off areas; you’ll be tested on both approach play and putting shots.


Native wildlife provide another 

attractive feature of the course, with sightings of koalas and wallabies on a regular basis.




Phone:  (02) 6682 2385

Email:  wehgc@bigpond.net.au



Monday - Saturday 6.00am

Sunday 7am

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Woodburn Evans Head Golf Club is a long established golf club in the Northern Rivers of NSW.  The Club is currently seeking a Course Greenkeeper with responsibility for ensuring the maintenance and upkeep of the golf course so that it meets the expectations of members, guests & visitors.




The successful candidate needs experience in all aspects of golf course maintenance, and will need to be highly motivated, have a strong work ethic with a good eye for detail and work well in a team environment.


Duties and requirements of this position;


Successful candidate will have a demonstrated track record of the following.


*Working with Golf Club Board and Management to implement the Clubs strategic plan.

*Maintain a professional and welcoming approach at all times when dealing with members, guests & visitors.

*Appropriate qualifications in turf management.

*Carry out effective turf maintenance through the establishment of schedules and programmes on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis, which maximise efficiency.

*Oversee and manage the preparation of machines for use.

*Experience in the operation and maintenance of irrigation systems.

*Experience with power tools and hold the required licenses.

*Experience in the application of chemicals and fertilisers with an accredited chemical license.

*Sound knowledge of WH&S requirements.


If you are interested in applying for this position, please submit your application, comprising of a cover letter and resume to the Administration Officer, Woodburn Evans Head Golf Club,

at j.g.edser7@bigpond.com. Attention Gail

Applications close Monday, 30th November, 2020.

Woodburn-Evans Head Golf Club Ltd

45 Golf Links Rd, Woodburn

P O Box 1

Evans Head NSW 2473

Telephone:  (02) 6682 2385

Email:  wehgc@bigpond.net.au

ACN 001 071 174-ABN 77 504 930 503




All Competition & Social Golfers


As of today the WEHGC Board has relaxed the previous requirement of One Player/ One Bag per Cart. Two Players may now travel in a cart. All other previous restrictions remain in place.


As of today the WEHGC Board has determined that all previous restrictions as previously outlined below on Monday 1 June and Friday 15 May shall continue to apply until further notice:

MONDAY, 1 JUNE, 2020

From today, with relaxation of some COVID-19 restrictions the following will apply:

Clubs in NSW may have up to 50 customers on the premises at once provided;

1. Venues follow the 4 square meter rule.

2. All customers need to be seated, and can be sold liquor without food.

However every time a member or visitor enters the clubhouse (a licensed premises) you must sign in at the bar. This is mandatory and is being checked by licensing police who visited the Club on Sunday 7th and propose regular follow up inspections. This strategy is to enable tracing in event of another break out.

Penalties as outlined at he bottom of this page apply to breaches.

Social distancing remains in place both in the Clubhouse & on the Golf Course.

All existing restrictions regarding the playing of golf remain in place.

FRIDAY, 15 MAY, 2020

From today, the Office of Sport - NSW advise of a relaxation in how golf can be played following COVID-19 restrictions. Golf may now be played in groups of four provided social distancing is observed - all other previous restrictions still apply - see below.

As a consequence of COVID-19 restrictions, the following LOCAL RULES now applies:-

1. Social Distancing Laws (1.5 meters) must be observed.

2. One Player/ One Bag per Cart.

3. Pin must not be removed from Hole.

Failure to comply will result in a 2 stroke penalty, further failure to comply will result in Disqualification.


Dear Member Clubs and Districts,

Golf NSW is pleased to provide an update.

After reconsideration, the Office of Sport – NSW Government has advised that golf is considered an activity that can continue to be played in line with Public Health Orders relating to public gathering limits, social distancing, and the elderly.

The statement from the Office of Sport - NSW Government is as follows:

The Office of Sport would like to clarify the advice that went out on Monday 30 March 2020.

As you know, there are now restrictions around public gatherings and rules around leaving your home. These new measures are in place to keep the community safe during the COVID-19 outbreak. But it is important to note that people are allowed to leave their homes for the purpose of exercise. For more information on the new restrictions, please visit https://preview.nsw.gov.au/covid-19/public-health-orders

What does this mean for sport and active recreation organisations?

The NSW Government has issued guidelines allowing people to go outside and exercise. Any form of exercise is to be undertaken in compliance with the Public Health Orders, meaning that people must not participate in groups greater than two persons at any point in time. Therefore, individual sports such as golf and tennis can continue provided the Public Health Orders are complied with.

Maintaining the public’s physical and mental well-being is now as important as ever. Where possible, it is important sporting clubs and organisations continue to allow people to exercise, so long as social distancing is practised and rules around public gatherings of no more than two people are complied with.


The Club will open the course from tomorrow, Thursday April 2 with the following rules in place which must be followed at all times when in the club precinct. Failure to do so could result in the club having to close again.

1. Competitions can be played but must be only in groups of 2 people. Social Groups must also be two people only.

2. Only one person & one bag per cart  Social distancing regulations can be enforced in public, regardless of family connections

3. No Shotgun starts until further notice. A timesheet start with reasonable distance between groups must be adhered to

4. At the completion of your game you must put your card in the box and immediately leave the club/course. (Captains will enter the cards for each group).

These rules will apply to all competitions and social golf.

Please follow the rules so we can keep the club open ......
stay healthy, and good golfing...........⛳️

Breach of orders made under the Public Health Act 2020 is a criminal offence and attracts heavy penalties:

Individuals - A maximum penalty of $11,00, or imprisonment of 6 months, or both and a further $5500 penalty may apply for each day the offence continues. NSW Police may also issue on the spot fines of $1000 for an offence.

Corporations - Maximum penalty is $55,000 and a further $27,500  penalty may apply for each day the offence continues.