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Golf course

Notes on Play

Sand Buckets are Compulsory:

  •  All players must carry and use sand buckets to repair any divot cut or displaced.

Slow Play:

  • If players fail to keep their place in the field and lose one clear hole behind the players immediately in front of them, then the players following have the right to play through.


  1.  Make up lost ground without delay or

  2. Call those following to play through.          


  • If players fail to do this, players in the following group must indicate they intend to exercise their right to play through. It is the responsibility of the player with the lowest handicap in the following players and the players at fault to ensure that these courtesies are observed.

  • Please apply the following for happy golfing for all players:
      Your place in the field is in relation to the group in front of you, NOT the group behind you.

Suspension of Play:

  • Signals to suspend play on the course due to dangerous situations are as follows:

    • Discontinue play immediately - One prolonged note of siren.

    • Discontinue play - three consecutive  notes of siren, repeated.

    • Resume play - two short notes of siren, repeated.

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